The selfish princess, the unexpected hero, the invisible boy, the sun child and the snow queen.

those no instrument frozen videos got me a-thinkin’

even after elsa isolated herself from anna they still had one thing in common that they never lost: they both sing to themselves ALLLL THE TIIIMMEEEE. so when anna goes to bring elsa back and they both just start singing she’s like omg my big sister has the same weird compulsion to sing about everything that i do

Hey I wanted to say I loved your four seasons edit! I run the side blog thefourdisneyseasons so I get "same face" comments on my edits all the time. It gets old really fast and I don't think they realize that overused joke can wear down the people that make these posts because we like their characters over their design. Just letting you know I appreciate your edits and to keep up the good work! :D

(‘: aw, thanks man, it’s nice to know other people go through the same stuff. We just gotta learn to shake our heads @ it and move on! there’s no point me getting so grumpy over silly people. 

im going to stab everyone who reblogs my stuff and adds comments about everyone looking the same in the face

For four girls who share the same heart.

Hey, I definitely don't wanna seem rude, I'm just curious, what happened to the otp prompts thing you were gonna write? And yes, I think a sexy httyd2 calendar would be an amazing idea... just yes.

Lots of things!!! Like getting distracted making gifs and going to school and stuff, but I worked on the mericcup one a lil bit a few days ago. Is there any way you guy want me to post them when they’re done? Like in one big post under a read more, or individually might work better…???? hmmm!! ALSO YES. I HOPE I MAKE MONEY OFF IT. I drew Astrid and she is mad hot.

ok…………. if i made a calender where every month was a sexy httyd2 character i drew….. would peeps like that

Jenna Coleman as Anna. Never would have expected it but I like it. Well done a tip of the hat to you my friend.

awww yeeaahhhhhh. it especially works cause Jenna looks a lot like Christina ricci!!

your manips are awesome uwu can you do some rapunzel x elsa ones?

MAYBE??????? It usually takes me longer to make ones of ships I don’t ship but I’ll see what I can do on the weekend!!! also thanks doll 

i really prefer calling them the super six because rise of the brave frozen tangled dragons is a long ass name pfff

i know it’s such a mouthful (and fingerful to type out!) but i can never be sure if people will know what the abbreviation means! just looks like gibberish

what's the super six?? sorry if this is dumb

Just an alternative name for the rise of the brave tangled frozen dragons fandom thing! It’s basically Elsa, Anna, Hiccup, Merida, Jack and Rapunzel if they were in the same universe interacting.

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