I guess you can only try.

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//that gif isn't lame-o! it's so cool, omg <3 the editing is flawless~!

It’s all jagged!!!! waaa!! but thank you for thinking higher of it than I do uvu you’re sweet

bonus lame-o gif:

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Hey! I don't know if you ship it, but could you please write a few Hiccunzel headcanons? It would make my desperate and confused shipping feels very satisfied! :)
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O K!!

  • Hiccup and Rapunzel are very happy to just sit and work on their own personal projects for hours at a time, leaning on one another but in their own little worlds. Rapunzel would read stacks of books while Hiccup sketched out new ideas.
  • Where in Mericcup I like the idea of Hiccup crushing on her for FOREVER and her not noticing, I think for Hiccunzel it’d be the opposite, but Hiccup WOULD notice. She’d be pretty flirty like she was with Flynn, and Hiccup would gulp and laugh awkwardly while red as a tomato, with no idea how to reciprocate.
  • Their child would have an amazingly large nose like Rapunzel’s dads
  • When Rapunzel’s hair gets cut off, people would start asking them if they’re twins, and Hiccup would get really wound up like ‘YOU - YOU THINK BECAUSE PEOPLE HAVE SIMILAR HAIR - ARE YOU BLIND!?’ and Rapunzel would have to calm him down. Eventually she grows her hair a little longer (or cuts it shorter!?!?! hmm) so they don’t look as same-y.

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Why thank you now I ship Elsida very hard. I didn't even know it was a thing unil I found your blog.

B) just doin my job, ma’am.

i just wanted to say that your fire manips are THE BEST THING in the ENTIRE world, i'm writing a fanfiction where merida has fire powers and it's so enormously helpful. thank you so much for making them!!! :D and always make more if you feel like it, it's so fantastic and useful! I love all of your other manips too, they're so beautiful ^.^ [skips away]

bawwww you’re such a sweetie uvu aheee~ fire merida is just so cool!!! I’m glad that they can be of use to someone more than just lookin pretty, too. I’d love to read your fanfic O: !!

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Woah!! i dint knew Brave was a Michael Bay movie!!

Right????????????? boom bam explosions

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